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Ngawangkong Time – KPPN Bandung II

Today is Wednesday…
​So…it’s time to Ngawangkong, Let’s go guys…

What the meaning of ‘Ngawangkong’?

​Ngawangkong just only in KPPN Bandung 2. Ngawangkong is a term in Sundanese which means casual conversation. T​he event has been held twice. Ngawangkong is held every Wednesday last week. The purpose of holding the event is to absorb the aspirations of every employee and PPNPN through a relaxed and intimacy relationship.
​Before the event begins, first the employees and PPNPN do a relaxing walk around the KPPN Office. After that, the program chat casually while enjoying the food that has been provided.

​Breakfast together. Every employee brings a variety of foods, fruits, drinks and others. But it does not mean a necessity, for anyone who is willing to bring, and there is no compulsion. All done happily and voluntarily.

​All employees feel happy and impressed with this activity. The spirit of togetherness always coloring the activities carried out at KPPN Bandung 2. Ngawangkong has become the most anticipated activity by the big family of KPPN Bandung 2.  Sharing pleasure and happiness.

​Ngawangkong Time … is the time for you and your friends to enjoy life together.

See you next time.


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